A downloadable game

Relax and try to catch the falling fruit. No points/score just bloops.

Might not even be considered a game, but I'm happy to have created a functional gameboy rom.

This wouldn't exist if not for the sample code and tutorial videos created by GingeMonster/GamingMonster

Sample Code
GamingMonsters Yotube Channel

Other Tools Used:
Harry Mulder's Gameboy Tile Designer
Gameboy Development Kit (GBDK)
Zal0's GBSoundDemo

Animal Crossing logo/name/art owned by Nintendo. Created for educational purposes, I do not own the copyright. All files are not to be sold.

Install instructions

Rom (not tested on a flash cart, use at own risk):

  1. Download and save to your computer.
  2. Open in the gameboy emulator of your choice.

Source Code:

  1. Download and save zip to computer.
  2. Unzip the folder.
  3. Use code editor to open and edit 'main.c', like Visual Studio Code.
  4. (Windows only) Use 'make.bat' to compile new rom.


acfc.gb 32 kB
acfc-source-code.zip 107 kB


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great to see another game, simple but well executed!